welcome to your free voicemail!

Welcome to freevoicemail.ca.

We offer a free basic voicemail service that delivers messages straight into your email inbox as an MP3.
Why would I want ANOTHER voicemail box?

Please note we are still experiencing a DNS issue. Some email providers are blocking emails. We are actively working with our ISP to correct the problem.

  • Post your access # and mailbox on your Craigslist/Kijiji/Newspaper ad. No more 2am calls!
  • Teachers can give secure and private access to parents. It's your e-mail, and your mailbox, nobody else can get at it.
  • Small Businesses, don't get interrupted during the day, collect your calls, and return them when you're ready!
  • The BASIC service is free!;




If you decide to continue with the service, get 20% off annual price!


Options include:

  • Custom Recordings
  • More messages/day

Future Plans:

  • Retrieve messages over your phone
  • Dedicated Numbers
  • Connect to you based on your schedule.

Currently, we only have Access Numbers in several Canadian Cities, click here ACCESS NUMBERS and fill in the form on the bottom for what you would like to see.

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YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE... If I find you have an account, it will be removed. Spamming is an EVIL that needs to be eliminated... I'll do my part when I see it.



If you know of a free did provider in your area, and want this service use the "CONTACT US" form and let us know, we'll try and set it up right away!

Does your work involve customers contacting you for support?
Check out our upcoming service http://www.burncall.com

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